16 November 2010 @ 09:30 pm
Who is your favorite animal character? Your least favorite?

I love every animal character. That needs to be said. I love them all, you guys. I love Kojak (formerly Big Steve) from The Stand. I love Winston "Church" Churchill from Pet Sematary. I love Rosalie from Insomnia. I love Rhea's snake and mutant cat from The Dark Tower Series. I even love Prince the stray dog that ends up eating a dead human in Gerald's Game. There are so many more and I love them all. I love King's animal characters. He treats them like people; they are subject to death and horror and survival and happiness just like the humans are. So this was hard to choose a character I didn't care for too much. :(

My favorite is Oy the billybumbler from The Dark Tower Series. If you haven't read the series then you're missing out on the best most loyal creature. If you have read the series then you understand why I love him so much. It's impossible to read those books and not love Oy. Absolutely impossible. He is loyal like I previously stated as well as fierce, strong, obedient, intelligent, and sweet. Again, impossible not to love him.

Honorable mention belongs to Peter from The Tommyknockers. Poor old Pete, going blind. He's sweet and does the best he can for Bobbi and your heart just breaks for him. Damn Aliens ruining his master and his town. Good old Pete.

Honestly my least favorites of the animal characters are the ones that don't have personalities like the wolves or weasels from The Stand. Or animals that are already dead when we meet them. That's sad and boring. But if that is cheating you all out of an actual pick..fine. Mr Jingles from The Green Mile is probably my least favorite. He's cute and smart but he just doesn't hold my interest. I think it's due to his "owner" more than anything else though...

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