01 November 2010 @ 08:40 pm
It's a 30 Day Stephen King Challenge!  
People are always doing 30 day challenges on dw, lj, and tumblr. I was feeling left out since they almost always use fandoms I don't give a shit about (Joss Whedon anyone? haha) so I looked around for Stephen King challenges. I found some...but they were kind of craptastical. They asked general questions that were way too open (who is your favorite character) or spoileriffic questions (what did you think of the ending of The Dark Tower Series). So! I created my own! It is all kinds of wonderful and if you've read more than one of his books you'll be able to participate in most of the days and I hope you will :)

DAY 1 How were you introduced to Stephen King's work?

DAY 2 Which of King's books have you read? Which of his movies, mini series and tv series have you seen?

DAY 3 What do you feel is the biggest misconception about King and/or his work?

DAY 4 What's scarier to you: the supernatural themes in King's books or the realistic ones such as physical or sexual abuse or murder?

DAY 5 What King book do you find scariest?

DAY 6 Almost all of Stephen King's books are linked together in some way; which connection is your favorite?

DAY 7 King has created numerous fictional towns, most notably Castle Rock, Derry and (Jeru)'salem's Lot. Which setting is your favorite?

DAY 8 Is there a character that most fans seem to love that you don't?

DAY 9 Is there a character that most fans seem to hate that you don't?

DAY 10 Who is your favorite male character? Your least favorite?

DAY 11 Who is your favorite female character? Your least favorite?

DAY 12 Who is your favorite hero? Your least favorite?

DAY 13 Who is your favorite villain? Your least favorite?

DAY 14 Who is your favorite child character? Your least favorite?

DAY 15 Who is your favorite animal character? Your least favorite?

DAY 16 Which of King's character friendships, whether it's two best friends or a group of friends, is your favorite?

DAY 17 Which of King's character relationships (actual couples in the story) is your favorite?

DAY 18 Which characters do you "ship" or wish were dating? Who are your OTP (one true pairing) ?

DAY 19 What do you think the BEST King movie adaptation is? The worst?

DAY 20 What is your favorite King movie or mini series? Your least favorite?

DAY 21 What King story would you love to see made into a movie (or remade)? Any cast ideas/wishes?

DAY 22 King likes to pop up in his movies/mini series; which of King's on screen appearances is your favorite?

DAY 23 What is your opinion on the comics based on King's stories?

DAY 24 What is your favorite Richard Bachman story? Your least favorite?

DAY 25 What is your favorite King story collection?

DAY 26 What is your favorite King short story or novella? Your least favorite?

DAY 27 What do you think is King's BEST novel? The worst?

DAY 28 What is your favorite King novel? Your least favorite?

DAY 29 What is your favorite Stephen King quote?

DAY 30 Share some of your favorite quotes or passages from King's stories.

If you participate (and keep your posts public) please tag your entries as 30 day Stephen King challenge. It'd be awesome if you gave me credit too but it's not necessary. :)

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