14 November 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Who is your favorite villain? Your least favorite?

This was hard. I had three major picks right off but I went over all of King's novels and there are so many great villains :( I decided to stick with my first three answers though. I figured if they popped into my head first then there's a reason for that. :) So! Then I had the task of picking my ultimate villain out of said three choices. Very hard to do. Very hard.

First I want to give honorable mention to Pennywise of IT fame. It should be noted that 55% of my love for Pennywise is due to Tim Curry's excellent portrayal in the movie. He brought out the sinister humor that I love so much and which is lacking in the book. At least in comparison to Tim's portrayal. The other 45% of my love is because he lives off fear. That is sexy. The ultimate power trip. Oh Pennywise have my babies. :) But alas he is not my favorite villain.

My second honorable mention goes to Randall Flagg of Eyes of the Dragon and The Stand and The Dark Tower Series to name a few. Flagg is magical and witty. I love snarky villains. Especially when they have powers to back up their arrogance. The fact that we get to know Flagg in numerous stories, with different people in different settings is part of his legendary status. He is badass. I will always love him. That being said..he is not my ultimate favorite villain either.

The award for most badass favorite villain goes to: Annie Wilkes of Misery. You're saying WHAT THE FUCK????? to this. I know you are. That's okay. Hear me out. Annie is realistic. We have all seen people like her on the news. She is not part of the back-of-the-bar-i-saw-a-ufo fringe who think they saw a Pennywise or a Flagg last night. You know? Psychopaths exist. It's sad and scary but it's true. She has not lived centuries upon centuries like the other two have but she has done plenty of damage in her short amount of time on earth. I love how human she is. Her mental illness is understandable to me. Her all out craziness is real in a way Flagg and Pennywise can never be. I really can't explain this pick..you just have to read Misery. She's wonderful. It also helps if you grew up watching the movie adaptation with Kathy Bates playing Annie. UNBELIEVABLE job. Annie is fucked up and I can't help but love watching her freak out on Paul Sheldon. When he finds out her past it's like OH FUCK..his need to get the fuck out of there is upped quite a bit, I should think. hehehe She is a dirty birdy but I agree with her on bad stories...if they aren't realistic...they are bullshit. I'd just like to leave you with one last bit of wisdom from Annie:  HE DIDN'T GET OUT OF THE COCKADOODIE CAAAAHHHH!!

Least favorite was a lot easier. Mordred of The Dark Tower Series is my least favorite. He's grown on me with each new reading of the series but he's never going to compare to the others. He is just too pathetic for me. I like my villains to have some balls...some fuckyeah! I ROCK swagger, you know? Mordred was just pitiful. Plus he killed off two of my favorite characters. So..fuck Mordred. haha

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