21 February 2011 @ 10:43 pm
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05 January 2011 @ 01:02 pm
First post of the new year. Oh the excitement! haha I haven't been up to too much. The new year is starting off kind of slow. Been sick with migraines and the stomach flu. Feeling better now though so yay for that.

I calculated my books for last year and I am ashamed. I only read 59 books. WHAT?? That doesn't sound right at all...I know I was under a lot of stress and therefore slept or had migraines a lot but still...I can't believe I read so little. :( This year I plan on reading mostly books I've never read before instead of mostly rereads. I keep buying books and piling them up and then I reread Stephen King instead of reading them. haha So not this year! Oh, I'm sure I'll reread my King books. Let's not kid ourselves, eh? But I really do intend to read a bunch more "new" books as well. :)

I've been working on 4 mixes. I'm making them for my brother's lady friend, Rose. I tweaked a Shakira mix and a Madonna mix I had made in '09. Originally the Shakira mix was split into two: English and Spanish. This time I chose 25 songs and put English and Spanish together. The Madonna mix I changed a few songs around track number wise and then switched a song for another. I also made a Brandi Carlile mix that is fantastic! I'm still working on the Patty Griffin mix. I could only find 3 of her albums so it's kind of limited. Luckily the three I found are my favorites so it works out :)

That's pretty much what I've been up to. Like I said, it's been pretty dull. Hopefully I'll have more things to talk about soon.
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07 November 2010 @ 08:21 pm
Almost all of Stephen King's books are linked together in some way; which connection is your favorite?

I could go the easy route and say any and all connections from The Dark Tower Series to King's other books but I won't. I enjoy the smaller connections, the links you may not notice if you aren't reading carefully or haven't read all of his stories. For example: obviously Insomnia is linked to The Dark Tower Series with The Crimson King and Patrick, among others, as well as IT seeing as both take place in Derry but my favorite connections from Insomnia are with Bag of Bones (Ralph meets with Mike Noonan briefly in one scene) and Pet Sematary (Gage's shoes are found). Small and simple connections are fun. If you haven't read the other books nothing is ruined for you and if you have you get a lil thrill out of recognizing the characters and such :)

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06 November 2010 @ 08:03 pm
What King book do you find scariest?

I'm going to have to say IT is the Stephen King book I find the scariest. The book has my favorite scary theme (having no one to turn to who can help you) as well as one of the best baddies ever in Bob "Pennywise the Dancing Clown" Gray. A monster that only children can see. A monster that has control of an entire town and has for centuries. A monster that uses adults (unbeknownst to them) to do its bidding. A monster that feeds off of the fears of children and turns into whatever scares them the most before it kills them. Shit. That's frightening. There are a lot of scenes that stay with you too; my favorite is with Beverly and the blood in the sink. Brilliant scene. To this day I still refuse to look directly into drains; who knows what might be down there, looking back up at me?

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04 November 2010 @ 10:33 pm
What do you feel is the biggest misconception about King and/or his work?

People who haven't read his books often assume he writes stories similar to that of bad shock horror movies. They assume he has no talent, is a hack, couldn't write his way out of a paper bag. They think he just kills off everyone in his books and who cares because he never could have created a good character in the first place.

These people are what I like to call idiots.

Stephen King writes character studies. He writes love stories. The fact that his characters live and love during some fucked up situations doesn't change the fact that the backbone of most of his stories is love. Good triumphing over evil if only for a short period of time. That while sometimes the monsters in our heads and in the real world do win...sometimes the good guys win too. Love is worth living for. That's what King writes about and he writes about it damn well.

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03 November 2010 @ 06:11 pm
Which of King's books have you read? Which of his movies, mini series and tv series have you seen?

I've read just about every book he's published and a few short stories that were released in magazines and such. I think there may be more of the singlet stories that I've read but I can't remember their titles or if for sure I read them. So let's just say this is an accurate list :)

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02 November 2010 @ 10:10 pm
How were you introduced to Stephen King's work?

My dad has always been a fan of King's stuff and when I was a toddler he would read me excerpts from the books. I was young enough that I didn't understand what was going on and was soothed by my dad's steady voice. My love for King started early, as you can see. :) I was always interested in the morbid side of life and so I was drawn to the King books on our bookshelves. I loved the covers. I'd stare at them for hours, tracing my fingers over the bubbly letters and wondering what secrets the stories contained. One of my favorite images was the illustration of the hand crushing a spider from Eyes of the Dragon. Who am I kidding? I STILL love that picture. :)

As I got older (first grade and on) I'd watch horror movies with my dad. Some of those were based on King's books. I remember being entranced with Carrie; the idea that she could make things move with her mind was so badass. I was super jealous of that skill. I absolutely LOVED Stand By Me, too. A story of kids looking for a dead body? Oh yeah. I was totally into that. I'd watch it all the time. I'd reenact it with my friends in the woods.

I remember being horrified by Children of the Corn (the original). My biggest fear was being left behind and all of the parents being killed at the beginning? Scared me so bad. I linked it with these ugly ass curtains we had in the kitchen. The breeze kept blowing them when I was watching the opening of the movie and so for months after, whenever those red and white checked curtains blew in the wind I'd get super nervous and find some place else to be real fucking quick. :)

The next year I rewatched the movie and couldn't believe I'd been scared by it. Life is amusing :)

But yeah. I've known of his work for as long as I can remember and while I first became a fan because my dad was one, it didn't take me too long to realize I loved King just as much, if not more than my dad did. I may die of excitement next month when I meet him at a book signing. Dear God, it will be amazing kjagdhasdjkghasdg YAY!
01 November 2010 @ 08:40 pm
People are always doing 30 day challenges on dw, lj, and tumblr. I was feeling left out since they almost always use fandoms I don't give a shit about (Joss Whedon anyone? haha) so I looked around for Stephen King challenges. I found some...but they were kind of craptastical. They asked general questions that were way too open (who is your favorite character) or spoileriffic questions (what did you think of the ending of The Dark Tower Series). So! I created my own! It is all kinds of wonderful and if you've read more than one of his books you'll be able to participate in most of the days and I hope you will :)

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If you participate (and keep your posts public) please tag your entries as 30 day Stephen King challenge. It'd be awesome if you gave me credit too but it's not necessary. :)

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Hi kiddies! It is time to squee!! Yay!!

First off, this wonderful quote from Madonna: "Speak your mind but not louder than me." haha I love her so fucking much. Who doesn't really, deep down, feel that way? Exactly. We all want to be educated and hear from each person and see every side of the situation but deep down we expect that we'll be logical  / right and therefore unless you agree with us, shut up. But yeah. She said it during an interview with Lola on the red/pink carpet of Lola's new clothing line Material Girl. Speaking of which, I cannot get over how grown up Lola and Rocco are. I feel so old but then, I suppose, Madonna does, too.

The preview clip for the music video to Shaki's new single "Loca" is out today and I'd like to make a prediction based on these 30 seconds: I will make more icons from this music video than any of Shaki's previous videos. Ohmyeverlovinggod does this look like a fun time. :)
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