28 November 2010 @ 11:40 pm
What do you think is King's BEST novel? The worst?

I think IT is the best. It has just about everything you'd want from a King story: a group of kids who are outcasts among their peers and neglected by their parents (for the most part), an ancient monster who lives off of fear, a pact, and a great sense of humor and sentimentality.

The worst? I guess I'll take the easy route and say The original release of the abridged version of The Stand. When you've read the unabridged you'll understand why. The original version is so choppy in comparison. A lot of little scenes that are removed take away from the characters. I can almost like Fran in the unabridged version.

Cell might come in too but not because of the story or characters. I feel the editing was bad. A lot of sentences sound alike as if they just copied and pasted things around. The story itself is badass and I love it. I just feel the technical aspect of the writing was poor. It is like a "beach read" more than a King novel.

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