18 November 2010 @ 07:33 pm
Which of King's character relationships (actual couples in the story) is your favorite?

This is a stupid question. I'm sorry I put it in here because I don't really have an answer I feel satisfied with. :(

I guess I can say Roland Deschain and Susan Delgado of The Dark Tower Series. I do adore them. They definitely changed each others lives, although if it was for the better I can't really say. But for sure loving Susan has a major impact on who he grows up to be so okay..sure. They are my favorite by default.

I am partial to Ralph Roberts and Lois Chasse of Insomnia as well. Two old timers, two widowers, two people suffering the same illness who fall in love and grow even older together. You can't help but adore them.

I dunno why but I never seem to adore or ship the actual couples in his books. He creates great relationships, realistic ones, but I just enjoy them..I don't squee over them. **shrugs** So yup. This question is stupid.

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