17 November 2010 @ 10:33 pm
Which of King's character friendships, whether it's two best friends or a group of friends, is your favorite?

I am going to be a big cheater on this one and give 4 answers. :)

My overall favorite friendship is between Roland, Cuthbert and Alain in The Dark Tower Series. With Roland as the dark brooding leader, Cuthbert as the giddy goofy charmer, and Alain as the quiet thinker, and all of them gunslingers, it's hard to not love the dynamic between them. King does a great job showing the jealousies, misunderstandings and underestimations that they have with one another as well as the overall love they have for each other. They are brothers of the spirit and their friendship lives on in Roland long after Bert and Alain are gone.

Honorable mention time folks!

First, Dolores Claiborne and Vera Donovan. A lot of people would consider them enemies but I think by the end of Dolores's story you know they loved each other the best they could. Two old broads, mostly forgotten by the rest of the world, without another person to care for them. Their relationship is fascinating. The power trips, the power plays, the discoveries, the mutual respect. I think King really did a marvelous job on creating two fantastically real female characters in this book, by treating them not as "women" but as "humans". It will forever be one of my favorite books and their friendship deserves an honorable mention, for sure.

Jack Sawyer and Richard Sloat from The Talisman. They are special to me because they remind me of my friendship with Janelle, someone I've known since she was born. Two people with completely different outlooks on the world who love each other regardless.  Jack's friendship with Richard is vital to who he is as a person. Richard saves him and he saves Richard. It's beautiful. I love them.

Last but definitely not least is Jack Sawyer (yes, again!) and Wolf also from The Talisman. Their friendship makes my soul giddy. Whenever I hear someone say, "I'll be there for you 'til the end" I think firstly, that they are full of shit and then of Jack and Wolf. hehe They are surprised by each other at first and in the end  they teach other new things about the meaning of friendship, life, and themselves. I will never not love them. It will never happen, guys. I will always love these two.

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