11 November 2010 @ 11:10 pm
Who is your favorite male character? Your least favorite?

This was way harder than it needed to be. My brain exploded. I've narrowed it down to two favorites. Wolf from The Talisman is my number one favorite male character (that doesn't fall into any other categories coming up in this challenge). Sheriff George Bannerman deserves an honorable mention.

Wolf is my favorite because he is awesome. He is a great friend to Jack Sawyer, he is loyal to his sheep, he is kind and caring, considerate and warm, and he knows his limits. He always gives his best, even when he thinks he can't go on. I will forever love Wolf. That's why he's my favorite male character.

Sheriff George Bannerman gets honorable mention because he is a character that stuck out for me. When you think of small towns and you think of law enforcement in small towns you don't generally think of people with open minds and big hearts but that's exactly what Bannerman is: a guy with a big heart and an open mind. He is strong and sturdy and does his job well. He loves his wife and his daughter and he loves his town. He takes his responsibilities to the town seriously. He's everything you'd want in a Sheriff. I wish he were real. I love me some Bannerman. He deserves more love and recognition as a great male character than he gets. Yay George! haha

My least favorite male character...and mind you this doesn't mean I hate this character just that he is my least favorite...is Henry Leyden from Black House. I think he's cool and fun...but that's just it: he's too cool. He has no flaws. He's a good friend to Jack Sawyer, he's a great uncle and he's a fantastic radio host....but there's nothing bad about him. He is a little unrealistic that way. That's why I chose him as my least favorite male character.

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