09 November 2010 @ 11:28 pm
Is there a character that most fans seem to love that you don't?

Frannie Goldsmith from The Stand is a character that a lot of the King fandom seems to ADORE like crazy. I don't actively hate the character but I don't piss my pants over her either. I find her to be annoying. A well written character who just happens to be annoying. It always amazes me when people think of her as the heroine of The Stand. I thought she was a whiny, childish, self absorbed little girl. I've always blamed her for what happened with Harold. Yes, he had choices. Don't get me wrong. He definitely had choices but she didn't help anything by writing nasty things about him in her diary like a high school girl. It wouldn't have hurt to have been up front and honest with Harold from the beginning either. He would have been hurt but Frannie would have been clear of any guilt. I'm glad she felt bad later. She should have. It was her fault. Unfortunately she didn't grow up until it was too late.

So yeah. Frannie Goldsmith is my pick.

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