08 November 2010 @ 09:56 pm
King has created numerous fictional towns, most notably Castle Rock, Derry and (Jeru)'salem's Lot. Which setting is your favorite?

Derry. Derry is by far my favorite. It may not have as many stories based around it as Castle Rock does but that makes the fact that it sticks out in my mind as well as it does so remarkable. I can picture the town perfectly: the barrens, the canal, the standpipe....the house on Neibolt Street. IT was one of the first stories of King's that I read and so the landmarks became part of my childhood. I grew up being afraid of a drainage system that didn't exist. haha The townsfolk were my townsfolk. The descriptions of their behavior and dress were spot on. Sometimes I felt like I'd fallen through the pages and into a town just up the way from my own.  I guess I compare all towns to Derry, real and imaginary, and I guess I always will. :)

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