07 November 2010 @ 08:21 pm
Almost all of Stephen King's books are linked together in some way; which connection is your favorite?

I could go the easy route and say any and all connections from The Dark Tower Series to King's other books but I won't. I enjoy the smaller connections, the links you may not notice if you aren't reading carefully or haven't read all of his stories. For example: obviously Insomnia is linked to The Dark Tower Series with The Crimson King and Patrick, among others, as well as IT seeing as both take place in Derry but my favorite connections from Insomnia are with Bag of Bones (Ralph meets with Mike Noonan briefly in one scene) and Pet Sematary (Gage's shoes are found). Small and simple connections are fun. If you haven't read the other books nothing is ruined for you and if you have you get a lil thrill out of recognizing the characters and such :)

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