18 January 2011 @ 10:57 pm
Okay. I said (in this journal or another) that I'd update more once the near year started and I have completely failed. I apologize. While all kinds of shit has been going on it seems like absolutely nothing is happening. You know? Eh.

Ice storm. That's what's happening at this exact moment. It SUCKS. The ground is covered in ice. Literally. It's horrible. Even more slippery than goose shit.

Speaking of geese...well, turkeys aren't geese but they are big birdies..so it sorta segues. We have four wild turkeys that have been living nearby. They traipse up the street together and stop and munch on fallen bird seed and things like that in the yards. It's so adorable. WANT THEM FOR MY VERY OWN!!

I finally bought a scale. No really. I've been trying to lose weight for a long time now and never had a scale so I was never really sure where I was starting from or if I was making any progress. So this should help. I also ordered some kind of calorie burn / heart rate monitor doohickey. Not really sure how it'll work but here's hoping. :)

We got the streaming Netflix thing to work. That's cool. I'm checking out Bones. I figure I have watched just about every crime / murder show except for the craptastic CSI franchise so I should give this a shot. After 3 episodes I find it amusing. I'll definitely watch the rest of the seasons.

Izzy has taken to hiding under the bushes of my neighbor across the street. She wanders outside, scoots across the street and immediately ducks under the bushes. Then she will stay there as long as possible or until I drag her scrawny ass out. She hates the snow but loves to be outside. I guess it must be like an igloo under there. Either way it's driving me nuts. I feel weird roaming into my neighbor's yard and digging my cat out from under their bushes. haha

Irvy is having a MISERABLE time with the snow...and now the ice? He was skidding all over the place. Poor guy. He's exhausted and snoring on the couch beside me. He puked all over my bed this morning. Dunno what that was about but it was a lovely surprise to wake up to.

I'm addicted to Bejeweled 3, SO many options and ohhhhh. Games are not good to me. I just lose all track of time because of them. Or at least that's the excuse I'm using :)

I dunno. I guess that's it. I spend more time browsing and scanning sites (dw, twitter, facebook and tumblr) than I do actually adding content to them. I AM reading even if I don't comment. :)
Current Mood: calm
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