02 December 2010 @ 11:33 pm
I met him. I met him. I met him. Holy shit. Holy shit. I met him. Holy shit. **breathes**

I got there and he was talking with some people at the desk and when he saw me he was all, "Sorry, we were just jawin' " and I'm pretty sure I died a little :) Then he told me he liked my hat (it's a Supergirl beanie and people make fun of it all the time but FUCK THEM because Stephen Fucking King likes it hehehehehe) and I asked if I could shake his hand. Then we shook. Nice firm grip but not too strong. kjasdghasjkdg I TOUCHED GOD!!!! Oh! Right..so I told him that meeting him was like meeting God except better because I didn't have to die first to do it. He was all humble and chuckled. kjagdhsdjgasdg I told him I met his son Joe too and that was like meeting Jesus. haha I told him I was a complete Dark Tower Junkie and he said, "Right on!" and that he was writing another one. I think I said I hope so..then I said Thank you so much!! and left in a daze.

You guys. I met STEPHEN KING!!!!!!!!!!!

**drops dead**
Current Mood: bouncy
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