19 November 2010 @ 10:57 pm
Which characters do you "ship" or wish were dating? Who are your OTP (one true pairing) ?

AL-BERT!!!!! I ship Alain Johns and Cuthbert Allgood from The Dark Tower Series. They are perfect. They compliment each other so well with their different personality traits, what with Alain being reserved and thoughtful and Cuthbert being goofy and saying whatever pops into his head. Oh god I love them so much. Any scene with the two of them makes me so so so happy. The comics help this along as well. Oh man. They are so squeeable together in the comics :)

I've always wondered how the story would have turned out if Cuthbert and Susan had gotten together. She even has a brief moment where she wonders herself: "Then his gaze returned to her and he gave a smile of such sweetness that a confused but brilliant thought (If I'd met this one first-, it began) shot through her mind like a comet."

There was a lot of sexual tension between young Roland and Marten Broadcloak too. Although that's kind of creepy since Roland was 14 and Marten was much older than that. But still. Marten. Swoon!! The angry sex would have been amazing, yes?

Which brings me to Dolores Claiborne and Vera Donovan. ANGRY SEX GALORE! Maybe? When they were younger for sure. Oh my god. SHIP SHIP SHIP haha

I wish Jack Sawyer and Wolf of The Talisman had been romantically involved too. Which is probably weird when you bring in the whole werewolf thing and the fact that Jack was 13 but still. They loved each other so fucking much. Sex please?

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